Top 5 Artists Likely to Play at ACL 2019

Top 5 Artists Likely to Play at ACL 2019


Austin City Limits may be months away, but at Xenia events, we know a thing or two about this festival and who might or might not be there, even this early into it. Here’s a sneak peak at the artists most likely to be at ACL in 2019.


Why: Mac DeMarco’s tour ends on Week 1 in Colorado, and he has no Texas dates. Since he’s playing Coachella and other European festivals, it’s custom that he would stop by Austin, too.

Music: Mac DeMarco’s genres are primarily listed as indie or alternative.


Why: This band is playing Coachella along with another C3-produced event, Shakey Knees. Because of that, they are rumored to be playing Lollapalooza and other C3-festivals, such as ACL! To top it off, there are also no announced Texas tour dates.

Music: Tame Impala is primarily listed as having alternative music.


Why: Kacey’s US tour dates end in New Orleans a week before ACL. And despite being a Texas favorite, she has no Texas dates past March, where she has two sold-out shows at Stubbs. Additionally, she is playing Coachella, Bonnaroo and Governor’s Ball. Her tour goes into November, so it only makes sense that she would stop at ACL towards the end of it.

Music: Kacey Musgraves plays country music. However, she is gaining major popularity among many indie music fans.


Why: Muse is playing in Mexico City before Week 1, which is a traditional indicator for an ACL-booking for larger rock groups (Radiohead, RHCP). The last time they’ll be in town is in March, when they’ll do Austin360 for IndyCar. Muse has some recent association with C3, having played Lollapalooza. To be more specific, they’re playing at Rock In Rio on Sunday of Week 1, so they could stop by on Friday.

Music: Muse is an alternative rock band.


Why: Asleep at the Wheel is the only band to have played ACL every single year!

Music: Asleep at the Wheel is a country music group.

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