From the delicious crispy chicken wrapped in a warm tortilla placed perfectly in an (al)Mighty Cone to the balloon moon and life-size picture frames that create the perfect photo ops, Austin City Limits is an experience that extends beyond the music. 

With past live performances from the chart-topping Shawn Mendes and Childish Gambino to the classic Paul McCartney and Metallica, there's no doubt the 2019 festival lineup will be one for the books. There’s little soul-searching involved in making the decision to attend ACL Fest. However, affordability can definitely be a deciding factor... luckily, along with top-quality eats, water, and the greatest live music, ACL now has the funds covered too.

ACL is offering an official payment plan upon checkout that allows festival-goers to pay just $50 upfront, and pay the rest later. Here's the breakdown:

Deposit - $50 (about 20%)

Next installment - 20%

One month later - 20%

Next month - 20%

Final installment - 20%

*These percentages are based on a 3-day general admission wristband. Percentages/payment dates may vary depending on the ticket and layaway plan you select at checkout*

  • When do you need to have the money available in your account each month? All payments are automatically processed on the first of the month, unless otherwise stated.

  • If you forget about the automatic withdrawal (it happens)... you can simply log in to your ACL Purchase Account (that you will create upon checkout) and fix the issue within the same day.

  • Get a surprise bonus check at work? You can choose to pay-in-full any time during your layaway plan.

For a 3-day general admission wristband (totaling about $267 after fees) with the applied payment plan above, you could have your wristband paid off in roughly $50 increments. Suddenly, festival season seems pretty affordable.

Think of it this way: $50 a month is something you probably already spend, let's say on your electricity bill or your credit card payment - or let's be honest, it's definitely less than your monthly student loan payment, right? Regardless, it'll all be worth it when you toss your bags down in that quirky Austin-esque Airbnb, throw on your best (and coolest) festival clothes, and head out with your friends to watch live music on the green lawn of Zilker Park as the sun sets over the skyline behind you. 

Even if you're feeling like a 5-star hotel and VIP treatment, featuring skipping lines and hanging out on a shaded viewing deck, there's a layaway plan for that too.



Though the dynamic lineup is reason enough to attend ACL Fest, its host city is just as convincing. 

Shop boutiques and admire galleries on South Congress Ave, kayak under the sun at Lady Bird Lake, then hit Rainey or 6th Street for a bar-hoppin’ night out or look up some of Austin's awesome stargazing spots to relax on a breezy fall night. Exciting experiences come in abundance and even if you can’t catch them all, you don’t want to miss the Austin cuisine. Home to food trucks, sweet Texas BBQ and breakfast tacos, Austin provides a hearty meal at every corner. Come for the live music; get the full Austin experience of countless eateries, local shops and outdoor adventures.


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