Want to attend the Summer Olympics? Coachella? The World Cup?! From major international events to popular music festivals - we’ve got you (and your entire vacation) covered! Here are 5 reasons why you should let a tour operator plan your dream event vacation from start to finish, so all you have to do is enjoy #BeingThere.

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Travel industry experience allots tons of connections with companies around the world. Personally, we work closely with a diverse selection of top-quality vendors all over the world, from destination management organizations to tour operators. These connections with local travel and hospitality services allow tour operators to handle negotiations and ensure your vacation will include the best travel considerations.



Many tour operating companies have been in the business for years. This means, it’s highly likely that they have personally attended the event they are planning your trip around. This gives them a home-court advantage of familiarity with the area you will be visiting - the best hotels to stay at, the best sights to see, must-eats in the area and more.



Working with a tour operator means you make one payment for everything your vacation requires. It’s easy to lose track of exactly how much you’re spending on a vacation when making a payment for a hotel, a separate payment for event tickets, another for transportation, etc., much less ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on all of those fronts.

With a tour operator, a single payment takes care of all of those tedious worries for you. Often times, this results in you spending less money, as well as maximizing the value of what you’re spending by allowing experienced professionals to find the best deals out there. Tour operators usually are willing to work with your budget and adjust with payment plans, if needed.



From your initial payment to your arrival at your destination, after years of experience with event travel, we know what to book and the best times to book it. Tour operators follow a specific process that ensures everything runs smoothly with your vacation. At Xenia Events, we offer our clients round-the-clock, 24/7 availability, so you are able to reach us any time with any questions you have along the way, or any changes that may need to be made. This availability to you ensures your package will be structured around your needs.


To conclude, any outing can be a challenge to put together – but when you're trying to build yours around a major event, the difficulty factor can be overwhelming. Booking a nice hotel, getting the necessary tickets or passes, and planning all the other wonderful things to see, eat, and do along the way requires nothing less than the professional touch.

Planning an excursion shouldn't be a lengthier experience than the excursion itself. Hiring a tour operator makes it possible for you to outsource all the logistics, from major headaches to minor details, to a skilled team who knows the world of major sporting events and music events, as well as it knows the travel industry.

CONTACT US - Your dream event-centered vacation awaits! We’ll do the planning, all you have to do is pack.

Jeremy Richardson