How Do I Get Tickets to Tokyo 2020?

when do olympics 2020 tickets go on sale

Summer Games 2020

July 24 - August 9, 2020

Many have been waiting for Spring 2019 to roll around in anticipation of securing their tickets to the 2020 Olympics. However, we may have to wait until summer. As of now, you can register for tickets through your country’s official ticket provider (CoSport for the USA), but it won’t be until June 2019 when tickets go on sale to the public. Here’s the breakdown for tickets:

  • May 9, 2019 - Ticket Request Phase Open

  • May 31, 2019 - Ticket Request Phase Close

  • June 20 - 26, 2019 - Ticket Request Confirmations Available

  • June 27, 2019 Ticket Live Sales Open

So - Why Visit Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Games?

We don’t need to convince you that experiencing the one and only Summer Olympics and the magical city of Tokyo, Japan are worth your time, but we can provide our professional opinion on how to make the most of your Tokyo 2020 experience!

Experience Japan


Custom Experiences

Tokyo offers endless sights to see and likely, you’re familiar with the big, can’t-miss sights. From cherry blossoms to the Skytree, the most-traveled spots in Japan are definitely worth seeing, but what makes your Tokyo experience unlike any other?

  1. Real-Life Superhero Go-Karts

    What better way to experience the streets of downtown Tokyo than via go-cart? Yep, you can actually drive a go-cart through Tokyo… dressed as a video-game character or superhero of your choosing. It’s basically Tokyo Drift: Superhero style. Tour operator, MariCAR truly offers an experience unlike any other. Thrill seekers, this one is for you.

  2. Dine at The Robot Restaurant

    Something everyone should do in Tokyo: eat your heart out while watching dancers perform with robots battling to pulsing pyrotechnics, and a full musical revue. This one’s a little hard to explain without seeing it for yourself, but trust us, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss when in Tokyo.

  3. Sake Tastings

    Explore Japan through its most popular beverage. If you’re a fan of the Japanese rice wine, there’s nothing like tasting the different types directly from the source. Each type requires a specific serving temperature to ensure you’re getting the best flavors served as they were meant to be served, and there’s no one more qualified than the pros.

  4. Sushi Rolling

    Whether you enjoy private lessons, or finding your way with other beginner classmates, we highly recommend learning the Japanese art (and, it truly is art) of sushi rolling. It’s not quite common knowledge that there is more than one type of sushi roll. By the end of the class, you’ll not only know the difference, but you’ll be able to make them for yourself.

  5. Matcha: Dessert Style

    You may be familiar with matcha green tea or even matcha lattes, which are newly popular in the States. Though its origin traces back to China, Japan offers incredible matcha desserts that are a must-try! Whether you prefer your matcha as a fondue, parfait, gelato, pancake or shaved ice: Tokyo literally has it all!

  6. Helicopter Rides

    Helicopter tours are popular over beautiful mountains and beaches, but what about seeing one of the world’s most thriving city’s lit up from the sky? For those seeking adventure and an unforgettable trip, now view is better than the one from above.

  7. Karaoke Booths

    Hit the booth with family and friends, and sing your heart out in the country where karaoke got its start. In fact, in Japan, it’s not strange at all for one to rent an entire room for karaoke all to oneself. Whether you’d like to go it alone or rent a private booth for your group, karaoke is a guaranteed fun way to make memories in Tokyo. Almost all karaoke bars in the city come with an all-you-can-drink option, and some even come with ice cream bars!

  8. Relax at an Onsen (Hot Springs)

    When you need a break from bustling Tokyo, the traffic of the Summer Games and your jam-packed schedule, soak in a relaxing bath at Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. At this onsen theme park, you can enjoy the culture of Japan while taking a break from the big city. Have a foot massage or get your fortune told, but most importantly - sit back and relax.

  9. Private Guided Tours

    Experience the sights you most want to see in Tokyo, without the added stress of a large group. Just you and your peers exploring the best landmarks in the city with the assistance of a personal guide will make your trip to Japan one you’ll never forget, with the photos to prove it!


Picture yourself in Tokyo

The Summer Games is a bucket-list event, and next year, it’s taking place in a must-see location. You won’t want to miss the experience of a lifetime. There’s nothing like BEING THERE.