5 College Football Teams to Watch This Season


College Football is a great sport to watch. Attending a game is always energetic, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of students, alumni, and fans in attendance. School pride is seen on steroids with lots of national TV coverage, merchandise, fan clubs, traditions, and much more. Attending a college football game is unique compared to attending any other sports game—a great American tradition that already has supporters, combined with legacy followers and more, the energy of the event is like no other.


Last year, the season saw plenty of surprises, leaving the nation excited for what to expect for the next season. If you’re looking to go to a college football game this season, here are some teams to look our for that will definitely play some exciting games to see in person.




Currently ranked at number one in the big 12, this team is an obvious game changer. Clemson won the championship last year, surprising many. and was the first team in NCAA to go 16-0. Although they are no underdog team, their win was a legendary feat, especially since most fans expected Alabama to win. The tigers proved to be an extremely powerful team, and we can’t wait to see what will happen next with them.


“Clemson plays terrible teams so you think they aren’t that good but they are just really good and play bad teams.” Says Vicram Chatterjee, a college football fanatic. “So when it came to Alabama we expected them to get nay-nayed (expected them to lose) and they didn’t. And Trevor Lawrence (their quarterback) is like the second coming of football Jesus. He’s amazing.”


The first Clemson game of the season takes place Thursday, August 29th at 7pm against Georgia Tech. The last game takes place Saturday, November 30th against South Carolina.




Currently ranked at number five, Oklahoma is coming off of back-to-back Heisman trophy winners (the trophy for the best player in college football) and they just got a new quarterback from Alabama. “OU will be interesting this year because they had Jalen Hurts transfer in. He used to play for Alabama, but this will be a test to see if he can succeed outside of Alabama’s system.” Says Luke Hooten, a sports entertainment student at the University of Texas at Austin.


One of the most legendary college football games that takes place every year is the Red River Rivalry game that takes place at the Texas State Fair against the University of Texas at Austin. People gather from all around Texas, Oklahoma, and even nationwide to attend this giant, iconic game. Since this game takes place within the Texas State fair, there is plenty of fun to be had surrounding the game also.


“Last year, I had the time of my life going to the red river game!” Says Kyla Brady, a student at the University of Texas at Austin. “I’m not even a big football fan, but I was able to really get into the game with the amazing energy of the crowd there. I went with all my friends, and really felt school spirit with people I didn’t even know. It’s really a unique place.”


“I really like how they have the game in Dallas because there’s so much to do there. My friends and I made a whole trip out of it and visited the famous Dallas art museum, had a lot of fun at the state fair, and even went to the Taylor Swift concert that was happening that same weekend!” Brielle Catrinar, another student at the University of Texas at Austin recalls her 2018 experience. “Getting a travel package for this game is totally a great idea because there’s so much to do.”


The first OU game of the season takes place Sunday, September 1st at 6:30pm against the University of Houston. The annual red river rivalry game against the University of Texas at the State Fair of Texas takes place Saturday, October 12th at 11am. The last OU game takes place Saturday, November 30th against Oklahoma State University.




Alabama is known for being one of the best teams in NCAA history. However, things changed this past year when Clemson took the title. A lot of people claimed that Clemson’s beating of Alabama was “The end of the Crimson Tide dynasty,” so Alabama likely has that chip on their shoulder as they continue to be lead by arguably one of the best coaches in all of sports, Nick Saban.


Louisiana State University


While Louisiana State is in a different conference from the other teams listed here (SEC) they are notable because of the fact that they play against the University of Texas. It’s always an interesting game to witness and a great opportunity to see how different conferences measure up against each other. Last year, LSU’s game against Texas A&M was rated the best game of the season by USA today for it’s close score and amazing plays.


The University of Texas


The UT longhorns are a fan favorite with many legendary rivalries and exciting team players such as quarter back Sam Ehlinger. Last season, UT was able to get themselves ranked at number 9, having multiple wins that may have come as a surprise such as winning against USC, OU at the red river rivalry, the sugar bowl, and more.


“UT has one of its biggest seasons coming up in recent memory as it ended last season on a high that have many fans and rivals wondering if Texas is ready to reclaim its title as a powerhouse in college football once again.” Says Luke Hooten, a sports radio host and sports entertainment student at the University of Texas.


The 2018 season was an amazing whirlwind. There were many unexpected wins, expected wins that were just as great, and emotional moments, too. The plays were fun to watch and the games were even better, with crazy things such as Iowa’s state dinosaur invasion happening.


Each season gets better, so with how exciting the 2018 season was, the 2019 season is sure to be even more legendary than the last. If you’re looking to attend any college football game this upcoming season, we can help you at Xenia Events.


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