Most fun music festival ever?! Welcome to Watershed

Summer ‘Shedders

watershed festival tickets 2019

When it comes to summer music fests, Watershed is the definitely in our top 5 of hosts with the most. Each year, WaterSHED(DERS) (aka “Shedders”) flock to the famous Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington to attend the country music festival, Watershed. The fest always promises a lineup full of some of the biggest stars in country. The 2019 lineup features names such as Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, Kane Brown and more. While the performing acts alone are usually reason enough to head to Watershed in stunning Quincy Washington, the festival-throwers don’t rely solely on their concerts or location to entertain their ‘Shedders… The festival is chock. full. of activities - from yoga to tie-dye stations and a triple water slide! Here are the endless sources of fun and sun offered to the best of Summer ‘Shedders.

  1. Cliff Diving at Columbia River

    The Gorge is located right beside the scenic Columbia River. In fact, for the past 9 years, it has been named the “Best Outdoor Music Venue” by Pollstar Magazine. Since the fest doesn’t get started until the afternoon each day, the location provides the perfect environment to have a little pre-show fun. Before the fest, the shorelines are packed with other festival-goers hanging out near the river, enjoying the views or going for a nice swim… or dive if you’re up for it.


2. Enter the Drop Zone

Take in the view from the top of the fest with Watershed’s amusement rides. Yep, there’s an actual amusement park inside the festival, including a “Drop Zone” thrill ride, vertigo swing, Ferris wheel and more.

watershed foam party

3. Foam Parties

Because… what’s more fun than getting covered in foam, right? In true EDM-festival fashion, Watershed has its own foam party. Worried about being covered in foam residue for the rest of the night? No need to fret, you can just wash off on the triple waterslide! What doesn’t this festival have? The answer is nothing… except your swimsuit, which you won’t want to forget to pack!

human foosball

4. Human Foosball

Yep, you read that right. Just your friendly neighborhood game of foosball, except no table or plastic pieces necessary. Just place your hands on the bar and give it your best go.

malibu rum watershed

5. Head to Malibu

…Rum Beach House, that is. Of course, almost every fest has a wide range of quality beers, wines and liquors, but Watershed takes it the extra mile. If after a few activities, you feel like a few drinks and hanging out with other ‘Shedders, the Malibu Rum Beach House or the Bud Light Party Deck (or both) is for you.


‘Shedder Pro Tips


Before you grab your fest bestie and officially become ‘Shedders, here are a few tips from the pros:

  1. Bring a Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen!

    • All 3 are definitely necessary... There’s no shade in the hillside, and while there are plenty of opportunities to cool off, you’re going to want some protection during the shows!

  2. Break Out Your Pack-able Chairs and Blankets

    • Most festivals have strict rules about what types of seating you can bring inside the festival, but Watershed is pretty lenient. So, grab your blow up or folding chairs and comfy blankets and mark your seat in the grass.

  3. Take Advantage of All Activities!

    • From line-dancing lessons to yoga classes, this festival is truly unlike any other with endless activities to participate in. Get the most out of your experience - even if it means you’ll need a few days of rest after the weekend!

Think you’re ready to ‘Shed it up at the next Watershed Music Festival?! Contact us to secure your 3-Day tickets and start ‘Sheddin.