Events to Look Out for in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Events to Look Out for in the 2020 Summer Olympics

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Are you thinking about attending the 2020 Summer Olympics? Here are the sports and events you should look out for.

The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is the best part of the olympics for spectators with no particular favorites. In fact, many people make the trek each year just to see this part! The opening ceremony is usually star-studded, both with famous athletes from the games, as well as with celebrities from all around the world. Nothing makes an audience feel a sense of unity like an event that truly celebrates each country, and each country coming together to play.


Swimming is often an exciting event no matter what the specifics are, and celebrity names are made in this sport very quickly. With common champions like Michael Phelps off the table, it’s anyone’s game this time, and many people’s favorite runner ups now have a good chance at the gold.


In this case, famous champions are returning, and especially for women’s gymnastics, such as Simone Biles. Gymnastics competitions not only tend to have extra proud fans, but also involve more artistic categories, such as dances. These are fun for anyone to watch that you don’t need to know the rules to enjoy.


Usain Bolt was previously the star of this sport, being hailed as the fastest man in the world. Now that he’s moved on to soccer, the game has changed again. Track rules are also pretty simple to follow, but still enjoyably fast-paced.

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