Golf is a sport that has been around for centuries, and its fame is still at an all-time high hundreds of years later. The Masters Golf Tournament is not only the biggest golf event in the world, but also the biggest sporting event, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.


While big events like this are usually aired live, it’s nothing like experiencing the real thing. When you attend the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament in person, you can attend more than one round, appreciate practice rounds, and get to know the culture of golfing as a sport more intimately. The Masters Golf Tournament is also a great, positive environment to be in, and the city of Augusta provides extra entertainment and leisure.

The Masters Golf Tournament isn’t just about the one game itself. Previous champions and winners of all kinds are invited, so attendees get a real sense of the history of the game. As a bonus, merchandise and food is usually surprisingly well-priced, the weather is typically nice, and the traditional structure of the tournament allows for a simultaneously tranquil and entertaining time.


There are easier ways get to this tournament on a budget compared to other sporting events since it is always held at the same location. Because of this, residents in the town often have their spring breaks coordinated around the event and leave town, leaving plenty of room for tourists and available AirBnbs.

However, it’s difficult to find good 5-star or even 4-star hotels in the small city. If you’d really like the most enjoyable time possible, getting a 2019 Masters Tournament package. This way, someone who is experienced in the city and the event will know exactly where all the best spots are, and plan and arrange them for you.

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